Gua Sha stone in use

Refresh your skin in Fifteen minutes

Featuring the Gua Sha jade tool.

Have you ever had one of those days when you come home from work, you’re feeling drained and just want to change into pyjamas?  Too many to count, right?  I had one of those days recently, and when I walked in the door, Mr.(my husband) was busy preparing dinner.  How lucky am I?  So I took the opportunity to spend a few minutes on myself.  

I hate to admit it, but I have struggled with my skincare routine through the lockdowns because my daily practices have changed.  I’m not wearing makeup other than the sunscreen that I apply for the daily walks.  If I’m not wearing makeup, why bother with regular exfoliating and masks?  As long as I use my moisturizer and serum daily, all is good, right?  Maybe not.  

As an aesthetician, I know the importance of regular skincare and maintenance.  So, I had to give myself a push and get back to the essential habits.  Are you thinking the same thing?  Self-care is a priority, and it is crucial to take time for it, even for a few minutes daily.

I pulled out my favourite skincare products along with my new Gua Sha stone and proceeded to give myself a mini facial.  It was heavenly!  I started with my Yon-Ka cleansing milk to remove the days’ makeup.  Yon-Ka cleanser is a creamy lotion that gently removes makeup and impurities, including mascara, without stripping the skin of precious oils.  Next, I exfoliated with Yonka Gommage.  This gentle gel exfoliant is a favourite for so many reasons.  It is a manual exfoliant that gently exfoliates the skin as you massage it over your skin.  It won’t irritate sensitive skin, and it brightens, cools and hydrates the skin.

When I take the time to do a facial at home, I like to do two exfoliations.  When we perform facials at the spa, we will often use two peels to provide deep cleansing and brightening results.  In my case, I chose Eltraderm Enzyme exfoliant with papaya and pineapple.  It is a gentle enzyme that smells heavenly and is effective at removing dead cells.  It contains papain which accelerates the skin’s natural exfoliation process, bromelain to clarify and brighten, and kaolin to draw out impurities.  I left that on for 5 minutes, rinsed, and applied Yon-Ka mist.  

Next, I opened and applied a GM Collin ceramide capsule all over my face and neckline.  Now my skin is feeling hydrated!  I like to use the ceramides at least 3-4 times a week throughout the winter to boost my hydration.  It makes my skin feel more comfortable and takes away any sensation of dryness, and my fine lines are softened and practically disappear.  The ceramide consists of light yet lipidic oil rich in omegas that deeply nourishes the skin and repairs its moisture barrier—the perfect complex paired with my Gua Sha stone.  I proceeded to use the stone over my face and neckline to help facilitate the serum’s absorption.  The best part was how cool and relaxing the stone felt.  If you prefer cooling treatments (enter hot flashes), this will feel amazing!  It helps to reduce puffiness,  stimulate lymphatic drainage, and increase circulation.  I proceeded with the motions on my Gua Sha chart for 5 minutes.  

Gua Sha usage chart

Once completed, I applied a gel-based hydrating mask (Yonka Hydra N1 Masque) and left it on for the rest of the evening.  This mask excels at increasing hydration to the skin.  I often wear this masque to bed overnight to boost and replenish my skin’s hydration.  

In 15 minutes, I had given my skin a much-needed boost, and I didn’t feel as drained and tired as when I arrived home.  It is amazing what 15 minutes of self-care can do for your spirit and your skin!  

Tips for using a Gua Sha Tool:

  • Cleanse, exfoliate, and prepare your skin for the massage
  • Apply serum to your face and neckline to facilitate the massage
  • Use light to medium pressure, with the stone flat or just slightly angled against your skin.
  • Your stone can be warm or cool, whatever your preference.
  • Use movements that drain soothe and lift 
  • When massage is complete, apply your moisturizer or favourite mask.
  • Don’t forget to clean your stone after each use. Gentle soap and warm water will work.
  • You can use isopropyl alcohol to sanitize and store it in its box.