How do I treat pigmentation?

This is a question we are often faced with in the spa when offering skin care treatments.  Pigmentation affects all of us in one form or another.  It can be caused by sun exposure, hormonal changes or acne to name a few.  It can also be very difficult to get rid of and can be a process to get results.  So where do we start?

First, we decide when is the best time to do this?  Ideally you will want to start this when your skin is going to see less sun exposure than normal.  I often suggest to do your treatments targeting pigment, professionally and at home, during the winter months.  Professionally you can choose from many options including laser and  chemical peels.  You can also opt for Facial treatments at the Spa using ingredients such as Glycolic, Lactic and Malic acids as an example.  You will often see benefits after the first treatment, and then by continuing the skin care at home you will continue to improve the overall brightness and target the pigmentation on the skin.

I recently had the opportunity to experience the Yonka Essential White Facial.  Not only was the treatment relaxing (a perk of doing Spa Facials), but I found the results were exceptional.  I’ve included a photo of a before and after of my treatment.  I had to ask if my colleague used a filter when she took the picture (which she didn’t) because the difference was that dramatic!  The overall brightness of my face was astonishing!  I’m looking forward to using the Yonka Essential White products at home to continue to treat my pigmentation.

The Essential White treatment can be used as a specific treatment to treat the appearance of age spots, or it can be applied as a brightening treatment to unify the appearance of your complexion.  We’re very excited to be adding this new Yonka facial to our extensive line of customized facial treatments!

Don’t forget, sunscreen is a MUST when doing these treatments to achieve the best results and maintain them.  It is recommended you use sunscreen daily all year round.  If you don’t have a sun product that you like to use everyday, talk to us and we can help you find one that is easy to use.  Remember to discontinue use of AHA’s and Retinol one week before you go to a sunny destination this winter.   You can start using your treatment products when you get home.

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